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Thing is

My stress levels are actually better than ever before

Like still high

But like also my life~

But like much better than usual

I seem to be moving into the right direction

Like things seem to be aligning

Which is oddly comforting on a deep level

Like my life is still messy bc i drag all the patterns i had on testo still after me

Like even if the source is gone the patterns still prevail a bit~

But it’s getting much better

Like i would not be doing what i am doing without the hormones, certainly.


This is

The most shady thing i have ever seen

I will give this to miss shark^~^

Nevermind, they are just fishing google accounts ~


I feel like she wants me to set boundaries~

As a creative person, i am doing kinda bad with rules ~


I am done


I just cant maintain it anymore ~


I have no idea

What i am doing and it makes me anxious ๐Ÿ˜ญ

I need to talk to the other ppl on the team and like really listen ~

Like i need to get used to not working alone ~



I suggest this, then all the dev workflows are setup and we have com

From there we can decide on a stack



Use Gitlab

2nd can be done in Gitlab

And 3rd also

Good, we have a agile company structure


I will pomo different project blocks

Via the rust crate

Now i need project management



We had some candy

And like on it, i realized

I should actually make use of the merch store and patron

Like global user login was disabled

Meaning you effectively couldn’t buy stuff ~

Bc that requires making a account to ship it~

Like it was basically a dream

But specifically what i could do to improve my situation

I’ll try maybe


I meed

Stable time management or i am gonna drive myself mad~


Like this needs a rework ~

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