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^~^about the psychological implications of a fursuit

As i used the fursuit today, the psychological implications became apparent again, how strong the difference of a manifested persona can be

Like, actions, patterns of actions, voice hight, playfulness, psychological barrieres all have a different face

Xelasoma had a great video about this, which he deleted from youtube, so i asked, and now the whole channel is or was deleted~ i think he is just using his website now, idk why he deleted, did not ask, probably should,.. I should bookmark his website**

Nah, he vanished from the Internet, but theres a archive, great videos

Basically persona means mask, like the greek word, its the mask you wear for the public,

So a mask also makes you anonymous, like ppl are on the internet, same implications of ppl acting differently

It basically shows the true person, without societys bounds, but added with the masks characteristics,

Dyoniseans used that a lot

And mask balls

A mask irl and a psychological mask are simular in how brain percieves them, so its a really interesting effect of beeing in a character, braught about by the mask, or fursuit

Of course this is modified jungian terminology, but you can transfer /translate it into main, jungian is just pretty intuitive to read and write in, its like the python of psychology