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I will do payments

And start on genetics, bc thats my reason to debug thee data folder

Then i go back to designing the website with my new knowledge, and so i dont get too lost in doing in the backend, there might be a side road via the api, back into the backend, i can probably use that gravitational cycle

You see how i get lost in doing?

I navigate by gravitational cycles of action around my big af projects, while building motivational structures to keep me going, and do everything as i go

The same way i go arround social, sociological and psychological systems

I am doing multidimensional gravitational approximations like flow dynamics

And use the streams of activity to project it onto a visible landscape

I am the ego experiencing the now, but i am also the overego

Like, i am the psychological persona that experiences, and often is clearly a persona, not killing its validity

But i am also the thing overseeing all of them and i know it

They each know the other exists(psychological processes)

So a changing in persona is if from both sides liked not a hard endeavour

Due to all involved knowing they are the same overarching entety

I want to make a clear destination between multiple personality disorders and this

The disorders is where this is not working as its supposed to

This is, i have taken off the lid with the warning signs and looked at the thing and how it works

This method seems to be within the possible limitations of its structure,

and is not too hard on the user of the tool

From my perspective, of course


I got lost in writing ^~^

Its like i am always watching over myself

Coughing a bear, aham Christian father aham holy trinity

Btw how language works, basically u make it up, and if it works it works;) that simple, thats the range of possibilities you got with language

Thats why i like programming, its that possibility manifested and bridged into the physical realm

Its a industrial revolution baby^~^

There is some deep magic happening ~