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Foxinf the rust on my car

First u use this, be careful to not slice open your tires,

Be ready for it to fly, or you ll have 1 tire less

Then this

You should grind it down a lot before you use second one

You will need a screwdriver to open these

Thats how it looks in the beginning

You do the things and add rust converter

The art on my car

Finxing a small hole, then grinding it again

Now this is, or will be what regulates the airflow, it will get its own power circuit

I would like something that actually filters/ really replenishes the air, like a co2 converter, but for now it circulates air, till it grows to a air filter, and then converter

Pc fans are dirty, the suck better than they blow;)

This is a stirrplate i build for chem operations, they are prone to breaking, so i figured just build one

Yes, its a magnet on a fan

Thats how i looks done

I now also have looked at the powerbank, and it has 11000mah,so more than enough for now, i hope

There i will Attatch my water cube, with like these things u use for climbing, those hooks, i got a bunch of those

Just put fan on plastic, trace, trace smaller inside

Cut out while mentally dying

Fix mistakes with tapex

Like the first 1 phones were hold together by hot glue, so no harm no foul

Compare, make holes

I somehow put in the drill in reverse and drilled the first holes only with heat friction :Dd like in a drill press

Put together

Screw in

Put your animal hides in the car

Another finished image

Thats the water cube, which will be hung, to give me gravity preasurized running water, it was leaking at the corners, as i tested it, like days back, so i used some silicone to fix it

Holes in the back to suck in air

From the front, i think it looks so cool *-*


If i only knew where my universal service key is:Dd

Baught 4 kg salt, to preserve meat, so then i get bacon and stuff to my morning eggs*_*

Also cheese and meat, only lacking the whine:Dd

Left is for tea, like helps if wimen have crams and stuff, right is for wounds, which works like really well and fast, i forgot my sedative at home:Dd

I collected them in spring/summer

Metall is premade hot tea, for now while i am eating ^~^

Also refilled the wiper water~ aaan forgot something 😀