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300 for translation

The project was posted as 300 for translation

So many red flags

To explain,

First thats shady to use the vagueness of language like that to hide your intent

Second, its quite manipulative to ask can you handle it, its a speculation on

Guys beeing Eger to proof themselves

I know exactly it would be a pain to work with him, he would doge all important questions and offer deals that look good but are actually shit

This means, other businesses probably refuse to work with him too

Business is not about money, its about connection, and the money is a side product.

His connections will be unstable, his workforce unsatisfied and he will be panicking all the time bc his shit falls apart everywhere

Dont get me wrong these manipulations are fair game, but more in a playful manner, not on the base level

Like girls attacking each other but always keeping the base line contact

Like knowing someone with a business is like theoretically selling weed, sometimes they buy from you, sometimes you buy from them

At least with small businesses

Making a little bit more profit on 1 job is waaay less valuable than a consisting relationship

I need to be able to trust you to make valid deals, and to be somewhat stable, else i will always need to have my attention on you, bc something went wrong again

He would destabilise my business with his fuckups, constantly

But thats me reading really tiny indicators in his language, he may be doing good business, but if i have a bad feeling, i will trust that feeling

Sometimes that feeling is wrong, but more often than not its right