Its like a cat

Getting her 5 sec and randomly biting you

Like that but, that the 5 sec apppear more and more often as the seringe wears off

Like the hormones keep it from getting out of hand, but i am currently already double dosing

Like actually i am taking the recommended amount

But i halfed what the doc told me i should take

Just bc i am careful with drugs, from experience

Like it gets better, like more every cycle, but still remains root bound

And without meds, i am just in that cat 5 min state

I am the word and reformation was a self fulfilling profecy,

therefore i killed it to rebuild it

And that is my reason for everything

I just am and i do bc i am the I am

Like its lunatic fun, but not sustainable at all

Like ppl critized bc i use the term manic, especially on myself

But like, it is the most fitting description for the state

Like the ppl will fear everything, that shall not be my regard

But i would like to keep my internal consistency and lable things properly






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