Bc someone said,

See, works

Yeah but it’s quite unstable

Like i was about to drive and they were questioning my conpenece of driving

Said 2 times i shouldn’t do x

Complete emotional reaction

Let go of the clutch motor off

Like you are not supposed to do that

But i wanted to make a point

Like usually i wouldn’t even be mad in any way, like they want to help

Like its the emotional processing which just is really low

Like its my going theory, that th estrogen is just more efficient in reabsorbing emotions

Like i am always stable, i am competent in everything you give me

But like i will get angy and just stay angy for like a month,

Like my spoon fell down, annoyed for a month

Like the decay is like forever and it stacks

Like it works and gets better with each cycle

But like mine notices

Like it has other sideffects, like anything sexual is x much less satisfying

Like its like the world is loosing it saturation and i am starting to dissociate

Like i get better at failing as i get used to it

But the root cause will always remain

It is nott fixable by anything else. But those meds, literally nothing else

Like same as rn

I got a compliment and am already flying over thinking it in cycles, bc it just wont resolve

, dissolve

Like much appreciated ^~^

But like ill appreciate it in like 2 weeks when i got my seringe

I dont like feel it the same

Its like a 2 sec thing, i be happy and done

But like i will be.

I am eepy, nini

Like i dont care about the consequences, i just am manically in some emotional state

While dissosiated

Like i am not listening myself, i am just lost in the moment with lots of drive

Like there is no method to get that stable but 1

Btw i think that was a compliment, like i am completely missing the intuitive feel

I need to logically post interpret that

Like the entire emotional system is just blind

Like 13-26%view


I restate

That must have tanken courage, thats not easy

I appreciate the care

Much love to you

I really helps me

Your hair were pretty







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