I bring my letter away

This time actually good in time thanks to mine reminding me of it

Fill out a form

I feel like i touched the project and it paralized me again

Like its scales of action and its impact are strange to me

Like whatever you create you will ba able to watch what other ppl do with it

And the project is working with money at a fundamental systemic level

It could be you build clean energy or bombs

But certainly you will be aware of what ppl do with it

Also like with every door you open you close 1000 others

Like i would love to do vr dev and yt stuff,

Like i would like to sort things somehow, bundel them

So like i do vr dev stuff on yt, and share

Like i will get what i say i want, but i need to know what i want

Like vr is the alchemists dream of a plutonian universe

You have no physical restrictions

Its basically the closest you can feel to beeing god like

Bc you can be omnipresent and reform the space in which ppl dewll without restrictions

Like morals aside it sounds just like hella fun

Ill bring away my letter ^~^






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