We dont actually change the core code

We add modules

Core stays as it is,

We make tools which attach to core

So we dont end up with a big code base, everything is tokenized into chunks

For instance, automatically letting the code pay the server bill

Thats not a feature its a module

Core does not get more features

The features come seperately

And users can mix and match

So thats what will be in the release cycles as a payload

So one person can write a module

While another person does another module

Like write a small packager to set up file structure or something

So like idk, posy may not like gpt, so she writes a module for fedi integration

While i do gpt integration

Everyone can just pick what they like to work on that day

Bc there is a internal value cycle

And a external one, actually lets male that a module, so we just have core






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