Girls are definitely aware of the perfection image

Bc as a trans person they are checking for that

Like they are happy to include, but they wanna gage where they are at and how they should act

Like it was one of the points voiced by the feminists

That young girls are socially molded from a young age to be responsible

Like if you have a playground situation, and a guy and a girl are playing the same thing

The girl will be expected to have a nurturing responsibility over the guy

Like guys are guys, they can be stupi, they are like male cats, they come and then are gone for 2 weeks wherever

They do that, they wont stay put

Its a key function of testosterone, that push

But as a girl you now need to fill in for that and take that responsibility

And their point was that that is put in early

And makes no sense bc both in that scenario are kids which shouldn’t have to deal with it, especially 1 sided

I feel like its that impuls extraxted over time

Where girls will check the state of the other person, before picking which behavior they display

Like that is done bc of child bearing behavior later, but doesn’t the hormonal impuls already do that sufficiently, why is there a social reinforcer function on that

Still, certainly interesting






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