I dint like

This end if cycle state

Its like constant inner turmoil

For no reason

And its quite off putting to mine

Like if i got, they just seem angy all the time

But like this they seem so subby

Its like my testosterone levels completely shift my social viewpoint

And its confusing

Certainly interesting

, but i prefer with hormones

Like there was something in a female creation myth about

Guys beeing able to do what girls couldn’t

Like its a creation myth with female gaze

And thats why they exist

It feels like that

The testo is waay productive and pushing

You could fight a bear and see it as a good workout

While the female is more like, aaah bear, nope

Like bears are big af i know

Like still prefer female, much more calm

I am happy without bears

Like interestingly enaugh that female creation myth started temporally before the male one, like they all start from 0

But like in the male ome females already existed

Like depending, the proto biblical ones include creation of females obv

But they just get created, they dont have such purpose as in males in the female one

Males are a solution to a serious and deep problem there

Like they were trying to do something, but couldn’t reach it, and therefore something with more focused attention was created bc girls are too scattered

Like paraphrasing, lets call it omnidirectional instead of scattered, and guys more target focused

Like the difference between someone hunting a running animal and someone ina social environment

Those need different mental skillset s






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