We are not autopushing to the stable repo, but i would still like the keys in a save place, outside the server

Then we basically sybc whatever we are doing to a unstable repo, so we have safefiles, and other ppl can use the code we make, but dont publish as stable

Like ppl get a stable spreader, but they probably would also like the tool mutator, which would never be seen otherwise

We can blow up the entire server, and just reflash from git, as if nothing happened

Like we can also implement some things where you need multiple keys to actually push stable

So we can work time indipendent, but the important stuff only get pushed if reviewed and signed manually by multiple ppl

Like we can @tweet each other internally

So like if the mutator works, like you cant just build with 1 tool, i make a multitool, and you can put in entire toolchains with 1 comand

Oh so i need a server



Yes, please, server>usersignup>dbsetup>frontend?


Like its suggesting keywords, but those actually set entire blocks with monitoring

Ohh my chain is broken, whyyy

Oh sql block is offline, huh, lemme ping that

Like thats the idea ~

You out a new tool in, it runs threw all combinations with the existing tools,






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