The job

Searching girl

Like i did the interview for that job

Its networking, like IT infrastructure networking, firewalls etc

Like i am sure i can, but they basically want someone who already knows everything and can hit the ground running

Like chill ppl, i like

Just not sure if i am the person they are looking for

Like i will be able to, but if they expect it to be running instantly, there will obviously be a gap in expectations and reality

Like i will think, i have some other meetings for jobs, i think about it till then

Also 2.3nd level support like its chill, but still support

Like i am trying to weigh really wanting a job, to actually beeing the person for that specific job

I’ll see^~^

Like they need a network engineer thats doing that since the 80s, but you cant pay these ppl, bc they so needed ~






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