Like i just put the cat into a old

Clothing basket and put a blanket over it

Like with the last cat, like a persian maincoon, for that we had a basket and like a rope and harness and fluff

But like the cat comes when i rains or it got into a fight, i does not have like a toilet thing or anything

It just randomly drops by and we chill

Like pets usually come after their owners

So the cat and i were just calmly chilling at the doc

Like its a wild cat, but it has the same chill i do

I dont need to worry about it going and running arround

I chill, it chills,

Like the idea was to put the blanket into the basket, and the cat ontop, but it didn’t like that ^~^

Like it was so funny

Me and the cat were chilling almost falling asleep watching each other, waiting for the doc

Doc comes in, cat starts sneezing and beeing sick :p

Like doc sees cat, takes snout, opens and looks inside, best facial expression i have ever seem on that cat:Dd






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