I wanted to do some websites

But i gave up for today~

What do i need for kyla?

Clothing, cleaning, money on my cards, powerbank, maybe laptop, kigu

Yeah, thats it

Clothing is most

Idk for a weekend 1 or 2 hoodies, a shirt,socks,underwear per day

Like i have the same green shirt and socks 10x,i just take some of those

Like i think thats all actually

Like the hoodie is big, else, like should be quite compact ^~^

I dont have to buy any Tickets, i just get on a train, bc of the card i have, same for busses

Like water is important

Like i still need a hat~

Internet is unlimited

Maybe toys^~^

Like i basically live in my kigu, but i feel like its a bit much attention beeing outside with kyla

So like, i should pack normal stuff too

Like thats like the last hook

If money runs via me and not beeing payed, i dont like wear clothes i just kigu






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