I got the cto title now, lets see which doors it opens ^~^

Like it does that bc of the associated pay

But like, i dont need to pretend that,

Like i treat it as like a bonus school class i did

And if i get the associated pay, like i am not applying to jobs or something, generally there shouldn’t be many applications

Like all the low level things i get into anyways

But like things like renting etc, get a lot easyer at like IT level which i am currently into

Like cto, doesn’t do more than IT person, like as a social exploit

So like its cool chilling there i guess^~^

Like I’ll test if i find something cool

Like its not pay related, if you care about money, you dont need to go up that high in altitude

Like those ppl are doing Bonus levels, or just were arround since the beginning

Or like avoid something

But like, i dont expect any big like exploits

Like i am just collecting sys keys






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