If someone wants to fund, please dont do large sums

Like just enaugh so like i can move, het better Internet and focus on the project

Like giving random ppl large sums of money is exactly the issue we are trying to solve:p

Like enaugh to build the prototype give it to ppl, let them test

But like dont put the money on me, wait till the prototype is working and feed that

It should pay me in the process, and everyone helping, thats the whole idea

That we dont put large pces of value on random ppl, who have to carry and distribute, and or are maybe tempted to run from the weight of such a sum

Like i dont even want it, that’s the point, it should go to the project, and after that, the project can give it to me

Like if it works i just get payed for continuing what i already do automatically

You can directly fund the project itself^~^

Without gatekeeping, middleman or corruption ^~^

Ill like post the cp link later ill troubleshoot the math of the distributer a bit, and see if i can get i compacter

, like ill take out the monero functions for now, and just run and refine the spread logic






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