Its also possible to do general health insurance and taxes like that

Thaose are basically put everything in a pot ajd distribute it,

But like implemented by state force so you pay, and we get a stable stream of income to work with and redistribute

But like in theory its the same idea

So my idea now is to rearrange it, so the value of why they would pay their momey there is obvious and there are no ppl like inbetween, possibly corrupting the system

Like you can just let ppl pay for domains like property taxes, but use it as a general tax, which isn’t, bc its obvious for ppl, that they pay for land, or in this case namespace

The Gouverment does not have to deal with all the ppls stupidity, and still gets funded and does what it does, like there are obvious issues with that , but like they have ppl thinking for them in many rooms, they’ll figure something out^~^






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