Fam got them a smartphone, they are confused by

So like with their original nokia, the 225, then the 2720, and end new smartphone

They should be able to understand, like putting them in a row on a table

Like the reason ppl look scytsophrenic when they tripped to much, is bc they are skipping large brackets of information and assume ppl can follow

Like they dont understand bc you are making big leaps of thinking and interaction

Like e mail, sms and WhatsApp are the same functionality, but modern phones look and act like addictive vending machines

Like i am sure they understand if you put all 4 in a row and let them play arround with it

Like they old, not stupid

Like what build the internet was young males looking for porn, i bet i can make him Google like ripe cherry or something analogous to explain it, and he’ll figure it out

Like guys never get older than like 12 mentally, the greeks had naked statues everywhere, like i am a beliefer in the ability of guys to find porn uwu

Like he can also look for the weather, but i bet this is more effective

Like no, they dont understand Google no one told them:p

Btw google is the same as a lexicon or word lookup, or like these etymological things where you can look up the root of a word

Like as their grandchild, i see it as my holy Mission to at least hint at the uncountable amounts of porn no one told them about :Dd

Like i bet they heard rumors, old ppl are kinky, as soon as 1 figures it out everyone knows






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