Like it was quite interesting

Girl basically wants more girls for her company and i am trans

So she threw the boyfriend, to see how i react

Bc a company with girls will be drama, like naturally, but like they a girl, i dont play stupid, that would be obvious

Like i am competent and it shows, like i didnt even mention the trans, bc like i got the skillset where it doesn’t matter,

so she was also testing if i will steal her spotlight, bc its her company

Which like, nah, i sit, i have other stuff going, thats her trip and idea

Then she got insecure bc i was just sitting and listening

Like she was interviewing me, but i basically walked in, u doing a company? Cool im in, send me the business plan, lik

I pretend to be small for money, i am used to bigger systems, i can lever out all your carrot sticks with ease

Like i came to do multiplayer, i will behave and give you the spotlight, i chill in the backend

I have the flowcharts, tools and everything you could possibly need

Like i came to have fun and build

Like i just watch if we conceptually in the right direction and set up structure if necessary, bc we all like money

But like social space i only change if specifically asked for^~^

Like i recommend the best path of action, but keep decision-making with the infrastructure domain

I dont wanna decide where the company goes, thats why i applyed in the first place

I am friedly to ppl just only small when bribed for it^~^






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