Like its not a new idea

Its the same system we have, but without the latency and gatekeeping

Its just that its such a massive pce of culture that no one wants to touch it, even tho we know about its condition

Bc whoever touches it last will be responsible for what it does for the next centurys

Like the scales are massive

Its like you set up a system, and it will go for 300 – 2000 years if it works

So if you make a mistake and ppl suffer

You will carry the suffering for those possible 2000 years of ppl in misery

Like if you make a small mistake, like usually no issue, but in this case, it will be magnifyed and amplifyed by that time span

Thats also why it physically repells me to do anything related to it, bc its possible impact range, is feel able as soon as you try to do something on it

And with such a heavy payload it will break your psyche like its nothing

Its not the scale of a massive big reptilian, its the massive big reptilian itself






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