You live in Africa and the Gouverment is not fixing their roads, bc it got corrupted blocks in its structure,

Post the project, and ppl can give money to it and no one can run away with it

If you have part of the money, you can put it in yourself too

Bc other ppl are probably annoyed by that too but dont know where to turn to to fix it

Someone fixes part of it, idk attaches a pic of what they did and they get money from the project pot for their contribution, automatically

Like if it works it would be exactly what we could use in a hole range of areas

Like there are obvious issues of ppl trying to play the system

But thats exactly why i want to pay ppl to ask questions, to do it right

Like i dont want to exclude ppl from gaming the system

Ppl are motivated to do more, then there should be options to do that without cheating

Like if someone is smart enough to exploit the system, they probably make more posting projects anyways

But ppl will not use a system as you intend, so there need to be pathways, which loop them back to where they actually can have some impact






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