My nightly

Running has concluded

Like i was walking back and like saw a black dot move on the floor, and luckily avoided crushing the mouse

Like black dots on the floor moving while out at night on mushrooms is rather common

So i was lucky to get it, i think we were both perplexed:D

Now i do my seringe and watch anime

Btw the girl at the doc was super nice and did like not only the preasure test, but also a stethoscope on my wrist, and a digital measurement thing

Usually i just get the arm thing, hi^~^

Btw i fd up the blood wound this time bc i showered too quickly so it got a tiny bit of Verunreinigungen in it

Like the red is stray chemicals, like its still red now, like it will take time till my body removes it^~^

Btw my vitals were normal

Which is not surprising psychedelic ppl are used to beeing petrified to litreral death and calm

Reading my current Lifestyle will not show in my vitals

But i can feel my heart hurting om the weekends where i dont use coffeeine

Like the Sport helps within reason, but i just need a different job~

Like usually ppl dont have that much access to their body and the vitals reflect quite clearly how their life is going

Like when i choked on a salami, i suppressed the gag reflex and was quite calmly sitting there trying to get it out with my fingers, till i realized it wasn’t possible and decided i die now

When i say calm till death, i mean it:p

Like it will usually not reflect in vitals

Like my kitten and i recently had the talk

The do you actually have any bigger illnesses or something

The how fucked are your genetics talk

Bc you dont know with a partner, so its quite never racking

But like both goody

Like such things often have readable physical signs, so i was quite reassured in my assumptions^~^ bc you never know

Like my kitten has such a good penis i swear, its a shame they are getting rid of it~

I am avoiding the seringe ~






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