A social space

Is like a private furry species or a discord server, or a society, computers, a list of rules, language

The setting of rules itself creates the social space

As was this society created by someone puting a stone with rules into the middle of the tribe

So with the yews, if i want to learn, i should use their index key

I should use their book of rules /manual

The tora

Like manuals were never known for beeing short, but descriptive

If you wanna create or change a social space, override the rules

But its more like peer reviewed in places, legislated in others, we just floating in others etc etv

Like rules can be general ethical guidelines for yourself

Like make sure to update and redefine them here and there~

And thats also how i establish my yt channel ^~^ yaay just noticed ~

Rules can also be temporal or unspoken

Meaning i can just put in posting times, no matter which, and get a “community “

Like they can be implyed, like maybe a ytber reacting to a certain type of meme, or with a certain type of attitude, in both negative and positively varied combination vectors of chance and structure^~^

I will watch anime now^~^






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