The money from that would probably solve a bunch of my kittens issues, but i cant push them there, they need to know if they want to

Like its probably not as bad for them as for me, bc i get ptsd for everything beeing dusty

Like issue is, my kitten is socially nice, like me too

Meaning, they get money, and ppl will show up like, you should pay for that and that

And my kitten does reactionary spending of, fiine ill pay it

Like its impulsive behavior, if the hormones work as with me, that should solve that too

However, like

In their current environment they wont get anywhere bc their money is basically flowing into the sand

So having them here, and making some money in a different environment, is actually perfect

But i dont want to say that, bc i would make the ppl they are with bad

And obviously i wouldn’t do that work myself

Like its a good opportunity, but i really dont wanna push them into it

Also i get to be with mine <3

Like i can offer if i see a oppertunity, but its their decision to make if they are willing to pay the price associated with it






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