I still have done none of that

If i register for the btc exchanges i want, then i can probably combo all 3 till the end of the week

Etfs are ready

Webseites should be ready

I s

Oh, they set me a timer,

There are 4 apartments open

I will not take the apartment,

Like i will have to read it eventually, but i think i will take another day to reply^~^

This was my question

Like ppl usually overreact like this when they are lying, its a common response

Like i was rude enaugh to call something out, which assumed i am stupid and a student without experience

Which just makes it worse tbh~ poor students are broke already ๐Ÿ˜€

Like if someone is lying and you ask about it, ppl will overreact

A person not lying will probably just go,

Huh what u mean? Like genuinely be confused

Like i am not saying they are lying, i have not read it yet

But getting such a long winded response seems typical of calling something out

Like there is not much to justify such a increase in price, especially bc houses are calculated over like 20+years

And their value has gone up explosively

Which is also why i want the reverse index on immos

But there is only 1 etf without leverage added

Like i will test, if the lever ones work but the normal one doesn’t, i might wanna 2 or 4x that

Like levers are a bad idea

But with such a big cycle it may actually work

Like i am basically betting that apartments get more affordable

Like buying a housing etf, is basically the same as buying a house as a investment, but without actually having to rent to ppl etc

Like its a abstraction

But like no finance expect or something

Like ppl with money do it, bc they have to stuff their money somewhere

There is only so many cars you can drive at once~

Like having 1 property is a good idea, 2 is why, if you dont need like the company space etc

Like owning things is generally a bad idea, bc that comes with responsibility

What i am looking for is it basically beeing like its owned by me, but its not actually mine

Like doing webhosting but not self hosting

Its like i own it

But i dont actually own it hard infrastructure wise

If the server is down, i dont have to fix it






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