I have nothing about generally overcharging, its part of games, but like

The issue i mean in particular is treating houses like investment assets, purely

Like no one can claim they didnt know ppl were going to live in those and what that means

Yes its a great asset class to make money

But it obviously also brings responsibility

Like at some level of abstraction you dont see anymore

But like if you overcharging for 1

Then that person will turn around with the money they made from that money and do the same again

Its feeding the problem

Bc for them,, it worked,,

Like a bit overcharging is fine, you expect ppl to negotiate, but there is a general rate of the area

Like these assets have increased a lot in recent times, it’s not a money thing

Like it is but, not a lack of the asset itself lacking value

Bc you can does not necessarily mean you should

If i do everything i can, we soon have police and a radiation issue, so i probably shouldn’t






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