Okai for tomorrow

I made 1 power br8ck to handle all chargeable devices

Currently its loading my power bank and headphones

I got my backpack

And my courier bag

I would like to keep light if possible, but i also need water, so i will put small in big bag

I have a card and backup card, and a bit of cash, in a pocket which is zipped closed and then has another one of cloth closed over it

I also have the cookies i got, and a light jacket

I will add some self made fresh food, like a salad or something and sandwiches

And some water

After i showered and did some sport

Maybe drink some tee

And plan which train i gotta take

Like i can also get some candy if i get salad, to like give to service workers

Beeing good to ppl usually resolves all issues, especially if someone has a underpaid public facing job






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