My bank wants like 24% or some unreasonable amount for trading everything outside of germany

Like i git a account with a better institute just for like getting that reverse etf, bc they dont even tarde that

But like if i could buy it, like 25% and i am sure there were more i did not see

Like german traded companys is free tho

But i just know that, bc i am a IT person and i read the doc, ppl really dont read, at all

Thats also why my little Blog is fine but on social media it would be a really big issue

Bc ppl really dont read long texts

Like thats why my “target group” for the blog is the smart and important ppl,

Bc they are the ppl to read stuff

Like its selection by medium

I am in the same category and moral bound as other books, and thats also why i keep to poetry on yt

Bc its a medium with historical auth keys

You may not be able to show that meme, but i am able to read that poem

Meaning, i could bypass all the control mechanisms if i wanted to

But i am polite and civil so i probably never use it

But i could if i wanted to






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