I also kinda knew about getting the jew info, i asked nicely

When i wrote the text about the tax Gouverment money website

I was about to say

I would like to see the code for that

But i rewrote that sentence multiple times

Bc if you ask nicely and respectfully ppl will show you things you ask for,

Like there is a limited number of ppl geeking out about social systems

Ppl usually dont notice the systems they are using

So if you ask with interest you will be shown

But i was actually scared, bc that was quite a suffisticated system, made for quite heavy loads

So i was not brave enaugh to ask outright for it, but insinuated that i have interest, but in a way matching my emote state of awe

So when it was airdropped on me i was kinda expecting it, but you never expect it with these things

Like i am quite happy ^~^

I have something so interesting to learn about now ^~^

But like, to show by example

And thats why i like peterson so much, bc he is heavy on linguistics

I kinda muddy my waters, but i am quite aware of when it counts in some situations

Like sometimes things just happen

But usually you know exactly whats going on

Like i knew when i was initially rephrasing it multiple times, bc i could feel the consequences of my actions threw spacetime

I am greatfull but blind

Its much appreciated ^~^






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