My kitten

Just told me about all the random girls staring at them

Like getting upset about it

Like i know exactly what that is, these girls are just interested but my kitten is too stupid to notice it

Like i had that too, and was as blind to that

Like my kitten is underestimating how low the market goes of like guys

Also like they in a relationship, like its a change in patterns, your issues resolve differently bc you have someone else at your side

Like even without saying it, its noticable

Like its so interesting to watch, bc i remember beeing in that situation

Like thats such a rare oppertunity ^~^

But they didn’t believe me :p

I love them so much, and they told me something for which i am really proud of them<3

Lol i visit a apartment wtf

Oh no i need to plan that, its this weekend ~






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