Phones are expensive,

If i can offset, what is basically 1 month rent amount, by paying less in the first place, and using the device longer

That sounds like quite a good idea

Like flashing a phone is no issue for me

Like my upstream is still broken

, but downstream like thats the biggest thing ^~^

Like yes, i domt think there are much other big costs

Like i wanted to go 500 up, and 500 came as i decided to move, but i think its actually smarter to spend into preparing the future

Bc i had 250, of it, if i spend 200 on a phone, that should still be in budget, theoretically

I need to have a look ^~^

Like i can also allocate a crypto budget to my new business

Like i need like a standard business unit, but i do that after port crane is alive and i can ping those analogys of zipping for transportation, storage, standardization and shipment of my companies






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