I feel like i need a resource dep

Depletion calendar

Bc i am loading everything for timeframes

Like at what date do i need to reload minecraft episodes? Etc

With the web hosting those are 2 businesses, then i want a shop for art, marketplace, portcrane, psy, poliglyth

Like i may have too many projects, but like they fine, issue is i need a job to move in the actual IT field~

Like thats my only real issue

The rest is clear at sight

Like i would like scedule and plan things so i only work on weekdays

But then i sit here bored without kyla to cuddle

Like like kyla said it today too, this is the middle of nowhere and there is basically nothing to do, like inherently

Like for example, lets assume i wanna date someone, there no café to go

Like the general social activities you do are not a option

Or require quite some effort to get there

And i am basically doing everything else i can get my hands on

I cant just stop, bc my job is paying min wage, and to move i need a different job

There are lots of other remote jobs, but its a catch 22 bc my internet here is not good enough for the other companies, but to move i need a job there to get better internet

Ill go looking for like a cheap student apartment somewhere ~

Like then i still need a different job, but like i have ppl arround me to chill with

So like, student apartment, cheap and fast min Infrastructure, train

I am so bored i started a web hosting company gdamn

I will draw

I wont draw, bc i am quite sure i dotn like what i see then


Like i am that age range, but I’ll be 30 till i get away from here






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