I cant wait t9 be

Living as a girl

Like i allowed my dad to deadname me till i move

Luckily that also means i can hard enforce it after that

Like i dont plan on coming back soon i had my share of beeing here for the next 5-10y

I’ll call when i have kids to show them

But like i forgot my life existed and start a new one^~^

Like i think the idea was

Bc at some point i just stopped speaking completely while i was still living like family wise with them

Like same roof

Like the idea was like we may talk more when next to each other

But like i dont talk to ppl, and you don’t really see me, besides shopping, bc i have to

So like there is just nothing to say, like at all

And base level there is nothing to say, if there is something to do, its done before that thaught has ended

Like i miss beeing pretty, i have like dresses and like decorative things, which i dont use here, at all

Bc i dont want to connect the memory of this place with the new identity

Like the place can be as it is, and i be whatever i am

But we dont need to be long term connected and associated with each other

Like someday i come back for Christmas or something, but i am probably also switching numbers while i am at it

Like ill keep my sis number obviously

Cant wait ^~^






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