Like after

Billing etc is setup

I could use cron to make a new db

Nevermind, i found their api^~^

Like ill chill till after billig

But basically yes, can be automated

Then i register it for like googles searh feed, and let it sit idle

Actually, ill set up billig, bc i am too lazy to manage customers, and then ship it

If i get a customer i will automate it^~^

Like i get a mail, if someone wants to register something

, by that point i should already have collected their info and payment

I set their stuff up

Where was i in the first place..

Oh yes, i am currently..

What was i doing, oh yes the windmill, i need to transfer my domains

Like i let acid with my hoster, bc if i am down, how do i inform ppl why i am down~

But like the stray domains ^~^

Docker is currently installing ~

Like if i set up billig then i can go back to normal after the weekend

Like mid and long term i am good, short term is still missing ~






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