Like thats

Why its important that its a masonic bloodline

Bc the traits i have would be perfectly suited to fix that and revivify that business

Like its a multi Generational pattern, designed to run a business, thats what that means

Bc a family is obviously breeding and selecting partners for the environment they are in

So like i am quite happy about that and wont complain or bring it up, bc it freed me of this infinite breeding cycle

Like from my side much appreciated, thats also why i still help

But i wont start cleaning after them

Like its completely understandable, no one could every anticipate that i can speak so openly, that was just not a thing before the internet

My backpack was packed since i got my first bank card

Like my social field is trying to nudge me like

Why you not helping, you proclaimed you wanna help ppl, why you not moving

So like i need to say and do something, so they stop doing that






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