All the lgbt

Ppl means we get brand new formations of family structures,

Like historically recyclable, but like

Thats also what all those ppl mean about gay ppl destroying the family

Ohhh, yes, but sometimes a forest burns down to regrow such is nature

Like it gives brand new constellations

Its like that story about chess with the rice

Where they place a corn for every square times itself or something

Like it was frames as a life or death situation of someone getting executed, and buying their way out of it like that

But the factor of doing that, made it impossible to find that much rice or something

Its that, but with structure, its the randomness numbers on flipping a coin

As a tree graph where they reach a local maximum or something, if i remember correctly ~

Its like that

Like random genetic mutation

Or possibly drug induced over birth cycles, but just a feeling

Like its probably a mixture of complex social and or external factors

Bleh~ fractalZ

Like no, a healthy social system should be able to stand, even tho a sibling is born

Its a growth curve of existence itself, which includes humans and their conquest of dimensionality

, i assume boldly






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