Okai so

Colors indicate drag/ likelihood of the pattern loop breaking

Like starting them and repeating them

I use indeed bc its a 1 Klick apply thing, Craigslist thing bc thats where these jobs are

Like i have one, but i may be, idk selling soap

I can set reminder for which app i am gonna use

If i get lost, there is where to fix it,

Added it to calender

I should add rewards

I will get cookies tomorrow and reward every cycle

Like thats the dualism, having these 2 processes running for the same goal

And then i rotate them on the

Get – Move


So if it were a 3d object in a flow of water or time, it would make spitals behind it

Bc a rotating object automatically stabalizes in flight

Lets see how that looks in practice ~

Like you add weight to a structure by adding abstractions

And by then binding bit in a icon you compress it, so you can use 1 thing instead of a cluster

So like i am putting crystals into my systems, but analogys are plentiful

Like at some point i was like

Wait i am encoding these patterns

, especially while programming

Can i reverse engineer other symbols?

And yes, actually you can

There is no inherent known link between meaning and language, like not that i know of

Like i think as goerdels incompleteness theorems shattered the completely rational and logical universe

That also applys to linguistics

Like yewish beeing a example with letters beeing numbers, like you should be able to

If you are placing easter eggs and encode, other ppl do that too

Like i can still look for other jobs too

But like it shows me where i am happy for the day






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