Enaugh for today

Lets eat something ^~^

Like if i use a package, i can probably get it into 1 neat line without much effort

Like its not a package which breaking is that serious

Bc yes you probably coud set ffmpg points and cut it

But this also works

Like i am trying to find a indicator pattern for the poems

Like if i am really extensive, you coud use ai to monitor a specific sentence, so i basically say

Next poem

, next meme for ppl following

And it sets cut points by that

But that would be over engineering it

I am looking for a min energy solution

Actually didnt i have speech detection somewhere…

Where did i put that~

Bc it detects words, i can so run that over a video

Like yes, its also ai, but a library, not internal

So every time i say next it cuts, or like

Fills a temp file with cut points

From there its normal cutting

A aaaah i need to give myself a new git oauth token on the new os~






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