Like my kitten

Is sleeping currently

Like a kid is a lot of responsibility

And i would first like the money to go

I am sick of this, lets hire someone to watch the kid for a bit, or like 1ce a week

Like can we get a pet first?

Like yes, but i still have justifications to avoid it,

Like the outlet things, i am a little, i can claim those as kinky

Like i know which process they are masking

But like lets live together, not kill each other, get a pet and then decide if we want kids

Like that takes too long i know

But like lets make sure we align and are able to carry then we do talk children

But i love the idea and you <3 thats so brave to say something like that *hugs and pets* like i want with you too

But kids are fing annoying

Like i see the systemic utility, experience and growth potential

But like lets go slowly with big decisions, and give propper respect

There was a better word but its illusive

But like i love having someone i can actually plan with~

You know how much you make me blush~¥§¥~






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