Like issue is

For instance with the gay packet

If i open that the emotional current of that is massive, bc it was basically a exudus of a group by a virus

Like almost

So if you want to integrate that, and we wanna integrate everything

You need to sort threw all of that first

And see how it connects

Bc these systems run the same code at some level

You should be able to recompute everything to assembly at some level

But it only takes the optimal option

It will only greenlite merging of 2 repositorys if there are no conflicts

If you present it with the lowest energy consumption path

Conflicts in this case beeing systemic and emotional friction

Its like ppl debating which c code is actually faster

Like Gouverments usually like math these days, like they always did to some degree ngl

But like i go threw yew and then move to the next, later i can multithread after i moved ^~^






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