Mr Tiger

The solution to ppl beeing not that nice about seeing you having money

Is actually just showing presence

Like you probably forgot, bc it got normal

But ppl will obviously look up to you, and may even want to ask advice if you are doing well

So beeing ontop of a pyramid, you get a special social position with the money

But obviously also responsibilitys

Like you forgot it but the things so small you forgot years ago, that you adjusted that

Ppl still dont know those

But most interestingly your behavior patterns automatically spread to them,

Like those induction phone chargers

You stabalize the social continuum by just beeing social

Like practice social distancing and no need to overdo it but like i bet that will make ppl arround you suddenly a lot nicer

, I presume

Like having money usually also makes ppl quite Paranoid about loosing it again

Thats why opium fields are protected by arms

Thats also why the drug war got so bloody

Bc you suddenly got profitable interest, which the state is trying to take from you

However, like ask someone you see struggle if they need help

Like can just be showing someone how a calendar works, bookkeeping, etc

Like dont cure the already living but like a small subroutine






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