The newer generation is smart enough to not convolute illegal and legal traffic in their businesses

Like instead of trying to cheat taxes, like the normal tax adaptions already adjusted

They just open a second completely illegal business with good opsec

So like the social business layer is becoming

You are nice to everyone, normal fluctuating included,

But like seeing someone mix in something shady is not well liked

Like its like eating pasta on a bed its rude

Bc like parce it into its own traffic layer

Like no worries about taxes, etc and the illegal stuff if wanted,

If thats found its over anyways, depending on proxies

But its not at all related to the other business

Like as faar as i can approximate it

Like the older are still mixing, but i think the younger are actually getting smarter on this

And if they dont, now they know, bc information is so distributed that i can yell over the entire social structure

Like the Gouverments are getting a liking to blockchain, bc then they can trace every transaction

Meaning, all systemic corruption is visible, at least on official businesses opperating fiat coins

Like your system better be clean by then or the weather god will not like you that day

Like Gouverments are moving really slow, so no panic, but like u get me






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