Actually like no,

Kyla was the first person to tell me that after 20+ years

It was always implied if it happened but never actually spoken

My teachers were cunts, i liked my science teacher who let me sleep in the breaks, they were cool, like as a person, same with the global industrial revolution girl

I was doing lines on my desk, my teacher girl asked me after, bc the girls ratted me out, if i was high, like trait school, and i said no bc i wasnt at that moment or something

I liked her, like its coffeeine, i am standing metaphysically good, i didnt do drugs, *drinks from your coffee cup*

But also i am a brat, so i liked her bc she was not stupid

Also like teaccher girl with the twilight sparkle haircut

Like i was mentally done with school after like kindergarten, actually the first day of kindergarten, i was done with this

I got in like

Ahhh this is gonna be so boring

I stole like a pce of lego bc i could

And it just never got better

Like i had fun playing pretend with the girls

But idk the pretense of existing there was always stupid and i was not allowed to leave again

I know how smart i am, but i am not allowed to leave no matter what i do

Even if i would manage to walk on water, like what about it

So i get lost in sub games till i am allowed to leave again

But thats not how things work unfortunately

And i am too curious to kill myself rn, so I’ll do that later






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