But like kitten,

Girl talk, that guy i just gave a shout out

Like so fast

Like if i know they IT ppl, and they ask about the numbering scales

I answer that i need a int, but only sometimes, and see if ppl autotrigger to it

Same with them

Such a fast boot time, like i sat there like, you need min 230 iq to be that fast

Like as a girl

How fast he is will decide if he gets you, and if you could get away

Like darwinistically to camouflage by dispersion

Like so fast

Like smart ppl pretend to be at a normal speed, bc ppl cant follow you

But reflexes are truthful

So if his unconscious sees i am hiding a mouse

In this case a pce of linguistics

Like they may not even see it

But if they do, then it quite reliably triggers a hunting reflex, of

“Oh food”

And then we obviously need a ruler to measure by

So we overlay a iq scale over the process

Like reflexes are the most basic human measuring unit, after grain and body parts

So fast, so scawy, but so fast^~^






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