Like i would like my

Poliglyth chain,

And later also a library chain, to lever out copyright

Like the rules are not matching user behavior

Like the pirate bay ppl got it right, but like we should completely take it out of context

Its the base of all these democratic values, to have free flowing information

It doesn’t matter if we have the newest scientific data, but we can’t refference it, bc its behind a pay wall

Its like it doesn’t exist to a large part of the population


You pay me first, bc i know its not valuable enough to get payed afterwards seems predatory

Like we need the poly chain first, bc it takes rhe preasure off the job market, bc its distributing projects without all the company gatekeeping and, oh you need to stay at this job for planning reasons, bc we didn’t tokenize our taks, bc it would balance out the payment structure






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