Today, all day i am eating

But the server girl had such pretty tits. I am jealous

Like she was generally pretty, i wanna be that pretty ~

But like i can now finally sleep and rest

Like she drew some part of the menu

How she draws bees makes me question things about her,

But she put so much detailed effort into it, like also into serving

Like u look out for a guy who values that and sees that you hear me

Food was great, i had some wild meat

Like i am a sucker for good wild meat which melts on your tongue

Like they had a small menu, which is good, good business desicion, still vegie options,

But like if you go small menu, you need to make those amazing

Like the schnitzel, i was told was okai~,

Like portion size was plentiful

Quality was great

Bathroom was fancy

Like i havent tried the schnitzel

But like if you have a small menu, make sure its amazing

Like complain of small menu, but personally, like they had mostly everything ppl buy, and it saves so much upkeep of things ppl rarely get

Like the food was amazing, i was jut beeing fed all day, dont mistake me please, i loved it^~^

But like small menu makes it really odd if you run out of things

Like to the person, it probably doesn’t matter like just get another tee, like no issue at all

But from a business standpoint, tee is basically easy to store, like its was not a common one, like who buys tee and then in that subclass a uncommon one~ like so understandable

But like its a small menu, like i bet the same issue consist with other things

And like make sure you pay that waitress

Like u start fixing the tee and 20 other things with the same issue will jump at you~

You burned the creme Brulet

Someone has repressed emotions

Like its hard to get right, but that’s the art of coocking

Did i mention that i am painfully obvious with what i like and what i dont:p






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