Doc said i have healthy female hormone levels

I was told 2 x gel, but in general i use 2x

This time they measured before me using the seringe, i am quite curious

Bc usually they give it to me and then take blood

But last time i almost blacked out at the counter, so idk no one did:p

So like this time we see the other side of that coin

Like juli 18 data point endo is off hrt transgender trans

I am just keywording bc then i can search the db if i really need it

Like for me its quite curious bc we can see exact how far away, i will build a nuke is from lets help ppl

So like i need to do the seringe now~

What i was saying, like i currently only use about 1 instead of 2, but my levels are good, so i can go by feeling, as i anticipated and am good within range

Like i am planning on 2, but also i am trying to time them evenly, 1 is tied to the physical box timer, the pattern setter and works, the second is when i remember, and doesn’t really, like sometimes

Like i may go to 2 if the seringe wears off, to balance, i will have to try that^~^

Tbh, i will do it tomorrow

I am on mushrooms since weeks, i will not eat any tomorrow ^~^ and then do the seringe ~






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