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Okai had a daytrip to the animal park and the bodensee, it was amazing *-* especially the animals

I had this moment where a monkey came to me and i just gave it a small stone, immediately grabbed it

Like those are fast

Looked at it and dropped it like

Wtf, thats not useful at all, why u gave me that

Life looks a lot better now

Great to take a break

I love my new plushy sooooo much!!!

Acid sales are slowing down lets see what we can do about that ^~^

I love that offer, but i will probably offer something else, bc the new motherboard for the miner just arrived, and i have a new packaging design to launch etc etc..

Sharky sseems to be a bit distant rn

I have like this amazing screwdriver, with which you can flip the metal bar, and thereby exchange the kind of screw head, but i dont know where i have my great screwdriver :p