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Yeah passed another assessment logic thing with 100%

Like its not surprising, i had a psychologist do a iq test when i did not sleep and normal

Without sleeping i am bout 130, i think 125 or something , which is i think a normal range

Else off most normal charts

Like i could officially claim myself a genius, not a super genius tho:p

But like whats the use of that~

At least i know, even sleepy or high, i am at bout a normal person level, thats quite useful^~^

Forget what i said~

I think that was the normal range for college students i was thinking of

Its not that important anyways~

Like smart ppl still do stupid stuff, so i dont want to attach too much to a number

Wasnt i selling acid or something, lets get back to that^~^

And then connect the level bars to my bookkeeping

Wheres my diaper at, i do job stuff for like a hour and am already stressed ~